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Konverge was created with one goal in mind: To improve upon the way we currently meet up.


How it Works

Do you have a friend that's constantly late to gatherings and wondering where he/she is? Konverge eliminates that problem. You won't have to text or call them asking them where they are and how soon they will arrive.

  1. Download the app
  2. Create an account using Facebook or Google
  3. Create an event to meet up - your guests will be sent an invite notification
  4. RSVP to the event
  5. Tap EN ROUTE on the map to display your ETA and status to your guests

Sign up
Invite your friends
View ETA

Partner Restaurants

Who doesn't like FREE things?

We've partnered with numerous restaurant and businesses to give you a deal when using Konverge to meet up.

RSVP Meets Technology

Set up meetings and hang outs with Konverge. Use it for happy hour, business meetings, birthday dinners, casual hang outs, or any other occasion that needs coordination. Send out invites, RSVP to ones you've been invited to, and when it's time to meet up, you won't be left wondering "How far away is everyone?".

Guest RSVP

Invite friends from your contact list and see their RSVP status.

Interactive Map

See guests' ETA and location on a map

Calendar Integration

Save your events to your calendar.

Location Voting

Don't know where to go? Have your guests vote.

Group Chat

Chat with just the guests that have been invited to the event.


No need to text and drive since it shows your ETA to your guests.


Get important notifications pushed to your device.

Instant Support

24/7 email support to answer any of your questions.

Konverge ETA

See where everyone is

When it's time to meet, know where everyone is.
Who has arrived? Who's en route and what is their ETA?

When you leave, simply tap the En Route button on the map screen to let the other invited guests know that you are on your way.

Your privacy matters so only invited guests can see your ETA. You have full control of when to show your location status by starting and stopping sharing at any time.

See all attending guests' ETA and status on the interactive map. Guests status is updated in real-time.

Vote on a place to meet

We understand how difficult it can be to choose a meeting spot, especially if the group is larger. Choose a few locations and open it up to the guests to vote!

Choose up to 5 locations
View the voting results live as they come in
Select the most popular location as the place to meet

Location Voting



Here are some common questions from Konverge users:

Apps like Life360 are location sharing apps that allow you to share your location with specified groups of people for an indefinite amount of time. Konverge's location tracking feature only revolves around specific events. With Konverge, you aren't constantly sharing your location with the group. The focus of Konverge's location feature is to answer the question of "How far away are you?".

If you have started tracking, only guests that have been invited to that event and have RSVP'ed as Attending will be able to see your location, ETA and arrival status. You fully control when you want to share your location.

Absolutely not. You are not always being tracked. The tracking feature is only available to you if you have RSVPed as Attending. Once available, tracking only starts when you manually tap the GREEN GPS START button. Tapping this begins tracking and notifies other attending guests that you are en route.

Once you have tapped on the GREEN GPS START button to begin tracking, tracking continues until one of the following scenarios happen:

  • You manually press the RED GPS STOP button to stop tracking.
  • You have arrived at the event location (within 150ft of the address).
  • You are within 500ft of the event location and manually press the BLUE GPS HOME button.
  • 90 minutes have passed since the event start time. At this time, all tracking related to the event stops.
  • You force close the app or lose data coverage.

Absolutely! If you do not want to be tracked for a specific event, simply just ignore the GREEN GPS START button. Remember, you have full control of when your tracking starts and stops.

Permission to share location is necessary if you want to be able to utilize the en route/mapping feature. With iOS, there are two yes options:

  • Allows Allow: This is the recommended setting. By choosing to always allow the location services to run, other guests will be able to see your location and ETA even when the Konverge app is minimized and running in the background. Please note that choosing Always Allow does not mean that you are always being tracked. You are only being tracked when you manually tap on the GREEN GPS START tracking button for an event.
  • Only While Using The App: By choosing to only allow location services while using the app, other guests will only be able to see your current location and ETA when the Konverge app is open and running. Location services stops once you minimize the app or turn your phone screen off.

Permission to access your contacts is necessary if you want to be able to select friends to invite during the activity creation process. Konverge currently sends out invites using phone numbers that are in your phonebook. We do not spam or use your contacts list for any other reason.

Permission for notifications plays a critical part in our app. We send out push notifications for the following:

  • Someone invites you to an activity
  • Someone RSVPs to an activity that you have been invited to
  • The organizer updates or deletes an activity that you have been invited to

The following notifications are only sent out if you have RSVP'ed as Attending to the activity:

  • Someone sends a message in the group chat
  • An attending guest sets their status as en route and begins tracking
  • An attending guest arrives at the location

Once you've pressed the GREEN GPS START button and enable tracking, your status will be changed to arrived under one of these conditions:

  • You are within 150ft of the activity location
  • You are within 500ft and press the BLUE GPS HOME button to manually mark yourself as arrived

Please check to see if you have the correct phone number listed for your friend. A lot of times, a user may have multiple phone numbers listed under one name, and the invite gets sent to the default number listed for that name (which may not be the intended number).

Activities will remain in your dashboard until 2 hours past the scheduled start time. After 2 hours, they activity will be deleted from your dashboard.

If you do not see an attending friend on the map, they probably have not set their status to En Route. You will only see the location of attending guests that have declared En Route.

This may be a verification bug. Please try signing and and logging back in. If this does not resolve it, please send a message to support@konvergeapp.com and we will work with you to resolve it as soon as we can.

If a user starts location tracking services and then chooses to manually stop it, their last reported location will remain on the map, but their image will no longer move because they have ceased location tracking services. Other possible reasonings include: the user lost data signal, the user force closed the app, the user's phone went into sleep/battery saving mode, or the user shut their phone off.

You may have an older version installed that contained unresolved bugs. Please try uninstalling the app and then downloading the latest version from the app store. If this does not fix the issue, please send a message to support@konvergeapp.com and we will work with you to resolve it as soon as we can.

Yes. During the event creation process, you can add guests manually by entering their name and phone number.

If the reset password option is not working, please send an email to support@konvergeapp.com

If you have a question that isn't answered above, please send a message to support@konvergeapp.com and we'd be more than happy to answer them!

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