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Konverge Network

By joining our network, your business will be front and center to all of our users. When users select your business to set as the event location, you're getting more than just an impression, you're getting actual customers walking into your establishment. Build brand recognition and loyalty by being a part of the Konverge Network! Konverge, Inc

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Konverge ETA

Program Details

During the event creation process, your restaurant/business listing will appear in the Suggested Locations list. Currently the Suggested Locations are filtered by location. Only listings that are within several miles of the user's location will appear. The user can interact with the map to further filter or expand the list of restaurants.

Future updates to the app will allow the user to filter by category such as cuisine, price point, rating, etc.

Restaurant Promotions

You have the option of including a promotion for the user when using Konverge to meet at your location. This can be anything from BOGO on drinks and cocktails, free appetizer or a percentage off of their bill.

Promotions is a great way to get Konverge users interested in your restaurant. Promotional verbiage (provided by you) appears under the restaurant details in the Suggested Locations list.

Konverge ETA

Redeeming Promotions

Konverge users will show their servers that they have ARRIVED to your location by showing them the map screen or the guest list screen in the Konverge mobile app. These screens will display "Arrived" for each user.

Users must use Konverge for the promotion to be valid. This is a mutually beneficial partnership between Konverge and you. We drive traffic to your business while your promotions help gain us users and traction.

At the end of each month, we will provide you a detailed report indicating the number of users that met at your location(s).

Service Staff Training

It will be your responsibility to train your service staff to recognize the promotions and partnership with Konverge. We will, however, provide you with a PDF to give or send to your staff which will describe the app and how to correctly recognize our partnership.

Konverge Partnership

Social Media Marketing

We will do all of the work in promoting our partnership on social media. We will create the advert for you and post to our Konverge Inc social media accounts. The adverts will be sent to you for review before posting. The one thing we do ask is that you share and re-post on your restaurant's social media accounts to maximize the exposure.

Social media accounts we will post to include:

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram

Konverge Partnership

Promotional Coupons/Tickets

We also create promotional tickets to further promote your restaurant. We have a team of ambassadors that will be going to sporting events, concerts, fairs, etc. and pass out the tickets to hundreds of people at a time to spread the word. The designing and creation of the tickets will be completed by our team.

An example of a promotional ticket is the CHEERS campaign we used with Rocket Restaurant Group.


Konverge Network is currently in the beta stage. We are in the process of collecting as much data as possible and during this time, there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO COST to you.

  1. No set-up fees
  2. No monthly fees
  3. No recurring fees

This program is absolutely no-risk, no-cost to you.

Once we are out of the beta stage, we will communicate with you and work with you on the pricing structure. You will never be sent an invoice without prior communications and acknowledgement from you.

Contact Us

To get started, please send us an email and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible to answer any of your questions and to complete the process. Please include in your email the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Best email address to reach you
  3. Best phone number to reach you
  4. Name of the business/restaurant

Email: contact@konvergeapp.com

If you prefer to contact us via phone, you can do so at the following

Phone: (612) 500-8714